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Advantages of Artificial turf in natural turf--HQgrass
Apr 12, 2017


1. Foundation Selection:

Natural grass must be real soil, and through the loose soil, Shang Fei Kaiyuan and other jobs, if the foundation is not real, the need to buy good soil to pave the way, and the man-made lawn is not so much trouble, any foundation can, there is no project.

2. Weathering:

The weathering of natural grass is far more than the artificial lawn, natural grass needs to provide more comfortable space, punctual application of water, the temperature is not too big, all the adverse weather will affect the growth of grass, if the establishment of water diversion and thermostat system, despite the problem, but their operation will have a cost of the emergence of the artificial lawn will not affect any climate, can maintain the original color and status.

3. Abrasion Resistance:

The abrasion resistance of natural grass is very weak, often simple in friction and pressure to form a broken or die, and artificial turf for polypropylene fiber material made, have good abrasion resistance, and through experimental data and long-term practical experience,

and the testing of professional organizations.

4. Elasticity and Resilience:

Comparing the natural grass with artificial turf, the mesh structure of artificial turf layer enhances the elasticity and resilience of artificial turf. Can conquer other piece of grass easy "sweep" The scene, also can disperse vigorous movement in the strong pulling force, make the grass is not easy to break, the movement of the sand will also be due to the fiber mesh density to maintain high flatness.

5. Color Stability:

Natural grass to maintain the original color of the colors can be very limited, the impact of various factors can directly damage its color, while man-made lawn for the common polymer, stabilizer and color mixture formula. The data obtained by the meteorological meter test for 6,000 hours proved very good stability and anti-ultraviolet.

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