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Basic introduction of Artificial turf
Apr 12, 2017

1. Flatness: smoothness rate of 95%, 5 meters ruler error 3mm.

2. Slope: Center Site 3-4 ‰, turtle-style drainage design, bend 8 ‰, straight 5 ‰, semicircle District 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, and ensure drainage.

3. Strength and Stability: the surface is homogeneous solid, no cracks, no rotten edges, the seams straight smooth, 6000mmx6000mm about the dice for good, cushion lamination, compactness greater than 95%, in the medium roller compaction, no significant wheel, surface loose, waves and so on.

4. Aquiclude: The use of new PVC thickened water film, lap should be at the 200mm, edge margin is greater than 150mm.

5. Maintenance Period: The basic maintenance period is 21 days.

6. Positioning: For the precise construction and drawing line needs, the use of strong and distinctive logo to mark the lines of the venue.

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