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Knowledge of Artificial turf products
Apr 12, 2017

Material type of grass silk: PA (nylon), pp (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene)

Most people make lawn main materials using PE silk. PA Although wear resistance, but the material is too hard, easy to burn the skin of the athletes, mainly used in landscape grass site; pp wear resistance, the site is short life, the application of a narrow range; PE soft and wear-resisting performance is better, is now the first choice of the sports contact field.

The shape of the grass silk: mesh, monofilament

Mesh silk in many venues in China has a large number of performance, monofilament in recent years began to pop, its appearance is closer to natural grass, the appearance of beautiful, wear-resistant performance slightly advantages, prices are usually higher than wire mesh.

Height of the lawn

In Europe and the United States market the height of soccer lawn is usually 60mm, the domestic habits of the height of the general 40-55mm, the higher the density of lawn height, the higher the cost, the filling of excipients and labor costs will increase, generally around 50mm can be satisfied with the use.

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