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Maintenance And Maintenance ---- Artificial Turf
Feb 22, 2018

Artificial turf Matters needing attention:

1.Prohibit the wearing of 9mm spikes on the lawn running;

2. Prohibit any motor vehicle travelling on the lawn;

3. Prohibit the heavy weight long-term pressure on the lawn;

4. Should minimize the number of cleaning, to avoid high temperature cleaning;

5. Prohibition of smoking in the field, fireworks firecrackers and welding work;

6. Prohibition of the use of chemical detergents, herbicides or pesticides;

7. Prohibit the field of civil strife throwing chewing gum, peel snacks, juice drinks, oil, etc.

8. Prohibit shot, javelin, discus or other high-fall movements on the lawn;

9. In the snow prohibition immediately trample, the surface of the floating snow will be cleaned after the use.


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