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HQgrass-Preparation of artificial turf laying
Apr 12, 2017


There are a series of things you need to do before the artificial lawn is laid down here:

A. General use of cement concrete or asphalt is poured, with a certain strength and stability.

B. The basis does not produce cracks and freezes arising from the peeling or sand.

C. Foundation flatness, 3 meters ruler error is less than 4mm, has a certain slope, generally is 3, so that the rainy day drainage.

D. In frozen areas, antifreeze techniques should be used, and man-made lawns are generally cushioned between bitumen and gravel layers, and special waterproof treatment should be made on the basis of the trench trough.

E. The base surface should be kept clean and dry, the asphalt foundation should ensure that 30 days after completion of the maintenance period, so that the asphalt surface of low boiling point of volatile components, to ensure that the base layer has enough bonding strength.

F. Concrete Foundation also has a 30-day maintenance period, large area use need to consider reserving expansion joints, surface layer to be smooth processing.

G. Asphalt concrete basic technical indicators.

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