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Requirements for artificial turf for soccer pitches
Apr 12, 2017

24 x 7 Sex, weather resistance, recovery, breathable permeability, economy, sound absorption and noise reduction, long-green simulation, multi-purpose good physical and chemical properties of the production of a number of modern science and technology, so that product tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, color fastness to a fairly high level.

Good safety, use of the principles of medicine and kinematics, so that the sports people on the lawn, ligament, muscle, joints and other protection, fall when the impact force and friction significantly reduced, the average life of 10 years or more, the pitch in the production of the various lines of the white grass seedlings have been used in the molding of environmentally friendly products, it does not contain any harmful substances, and have a noise-absorbing function.

Multi-Purpose: Man-made lawn color diverse, durable not fade, can be with the surrounding environment and complex, is the stadium, leisure courtyard, roof garden and other places the best choice.

Excellent physical and chemical properties: After hundreds of thousands of times wear tests of artificial turf, the fiber weight loss only 2%-3%. In addition, tensile force, water permeability, elasticity is very high, after heavy rain 20 minutes or so can be drained clean.

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