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The higher tensile strength of artificial grass fibers the better?
Apr 12, 2017

Many of the man-made grass is not very familiar with friends, all think the stronger the better, also became the procurement of grass fiber important judgment basis, in fact, there is a great misunderstanding.

This common but not very accurate idea is a distortion of tensile strength testing, the testing of the tensile strength of man-made turf is the percentage of the product's tensile strength reduced after a certain motion cycle of the man-made lawn product is simulated in international standards.

On the basis of the standard value that meets the tensile strength, the lower the tensile strength of the test will represent the better the quality of the grass fibre, and not the higher the tensile strength of some kind of product that people often say.

Common sense, the tensile strength of the wire is very high, but not suitable for movement, so blindly pursuing high tensile strength and ignoring the comfort and safety of users can be cart before practice.

The abrasion resistance (durability) of artificial grass fibers on the site can depend on many parameters, not only relying on tensile strength.

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