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Artificia Plastic Grass

Artificia Plastic Grass

Artificial grass can be used in any climates, no matter rain or snow , even arctic and extremely hot area.


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1., the standard size and error of artificial lawn, and the error rate of grass density: vertical density should not exceed 2% of the nominal value of the standard commercial grass density. The lateral density should not exceed 0.3% of the nominal value of the standard commercial grass row number.

The height error of grass yarn should not exceed that of the standard commodity straw grass height nominal value of + 1mm. The height and the low height difference should be larger than 4mm. The quality error rate of straw yarn should not exceed 3% of the nominal value of the standard commodity.

The appearance and appearance of the lawn used for sports is basically smooth. There is no obvious uneven, uniform density, significant leakage of needle appearance, no significant difference in color, and no obvious stains on the surface of grass.

2. base cloth is evenly coated and should not have a damaged appearance; the longitudinal transverse interval is uniform, and there is no obvious tilt and jumper line.

3. physical and mechanical functions

Qualified products

Pull off force grass (open mesh) >=120 >=100

Pull off force (grass monofilament) >=28 >=22

The elongation of grass silk was 20% - 35%20% - 35%

The rate of shortening of grass <=5%<=10%

Pull out force of single cluster >=45 >=30

Kibra fracture force longitudinal >=1000

Transverse >=1200 longitudinal >=750

Transverse >=950

Longitudinal >=60 of tearing resistance of base cloth

Transverse >=60 longitudinal >=40

Transverse >=40

To reduce the rate of broken wire <=25%<=25% grass after the experiment of low temperature

The reduction rate of elongation at low temperature was <=25%<=25%

The reduction rate of the pullout rate of the single cluster of grass after the low temperature experiment was <=25%<=25%

4. water is not less than 60L/min/ square meters (before filling sand)

5. flame retardancy, the margin of the damage margin of the middle island should not be greater than 50mm

6. friction coefficient is 0.6 - 1

7. The content of heavy metal ions of copper, zinc, aluminum, cadmium is less than 20mg/ square meters

8. acid function in sulfuric acid solution with concentration of 30% for 48 hours, grass color no significant change, no gum aging appearance

9. alkali function in sodium carbonate solution with concentration of 20% for 48 hours, grass color no significant change, no gum aging appearance

10. resistance to organic function. In 90# gasoline for 4 hour, fuck what color no significant change, no aging appearance (gum gum dropped or dissolved)

The springback function of 11. straw silk, after the experiment, no apparent deformation, distortion or crack (breakage)

12. after the experiment, the decrease of the quality of the straw silk was not more than 10% of the grass silk.

13. weeds were resistant to aging. Color fastness, grass blue test, excellent products less than 6 grade; the qualified product is not less than 4 grade.

Specification sheet



Pile Height:

30 mm

Yarn Type:





140 s/m




16800 tufts/m2

Total Weight:

appo.2280 g/m2




PP Cloth+Net


SBR Latex

Roll Width:

2m/4m or Customized

Roll Length:

20m/25m or Customized


Residential, Commercial, Playground, Decorative


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1. We respect your feed back after receiving the goods.

2. Tracing the working condition by email per month.
3. 24 hours technical support by email, call, video.
4. Whole grass eight years warranty.

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