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Fake Grass For Landscape Design

Fake Grass For Landscape Design

When the weather turns cold, artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, always keep the original color and condition, so, in addition to the usual door, there is no strict regulations can not be used in winter, the artificial grass on the ground paving, drainage ditch fixed on it.


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The emergence of artificial lawn not only beautifies the earth, but also protects the ecological environment of nature. This is the result of the best of both worlds for mankind and the earth. With artificial turf, there are also opportunities to experience expensive football in some of the world's cold and hot natural lawn conditions. Artificial turf is also a huge contribution to global water resources. In Africa, water conservation is of great importance.

Friendly for Pets

1, Natural grass alternative, glorious looking all seasons;

2, No more mowing, watering, weeds, fertilizers or pesticides;

3, High UV durability, long life warranty;

4, Child safe, ideal for pets;

5, Lead free, environment friendly

Artificial grass for Swimming Pool

1. Maintenance work is simple, low cost;
2. Regardless of seasons, sun and rain, all-day use;
3  Greatly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water-saving requirements;
4. Anti-UV, corrosion-resistant, anti-mildew, and environmental pollution, do not fade, the lawn can be recycled;

Through the research and development of artificial grass's environmental protection, durability and comfort, artificial grass products have been recognized by more and more people. Artificial turf is widely used for its unique weatherability, maintenance of economy, saving water resources, no need to spray pesticides, and all-weather use. With the popularity of human sports, as well as the use of football on artificial turf, and the expansion of the use of artificial turf, artificial turf will continue to increase rapidly. In the future, artificial turf will be durable, soft and comfortable, recyclable and recyclable, and the future of artificial grass industry will be better.

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HQ Grass 

Pile Height:

20-50 mm

Yarn Type:



As your request


120~210 s/m


3/8'' 3/4'' 5/8'' 3/16''


As your requests tufts/m2

Total Weight:

/ g/m2




PP Cloth+Net


SBR Latex

Roll Width:

2m/4m or Customized

Roll Length:

20m/25m or Customized


Residential, Commercial, Playground, Decorative

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