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PE Fake Turf

PE Fake Turf

When the weather turns cold, artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, always keep the original color and condition, so, in addition to the usual door, there is no strict regulations can not be used in winter, the artificial grass on the ground paving, drainage ditch fixed on it.


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The main component of the artificial lawn is the non biodegradable material of the polyethylene. In the process of production, the antiaging agent is added to prevent the aging of the grass. The simulation lawn has high softness, good elasticity, comfortable and light tread, safe touch, and good touch of leisure and movement. It is produced by means of the principle of bionics, the lawn without direction, let users in the activities of hardness and natural grass no big difference, good elasticity, comfortable.

1, Simulation

The elasticity of the product is good, the simulation is good, the movement rebound is similar to that of the natural grass.

2. Durable, wear-resistant

The durability of the product, the cost reduction and the material are also saved.

3. A wide range of use

The products have high softness, good elasticity, comfortable and light tread, safe touch, good touch of leisure and movement, so it has a wide range of use.

4, environmental protection

The material of the product meets the requirements of environmental protection, so that its level can be reused and reused.

5, convenient maintenance

The product has the characteristic of convenient maintenance. After rinsing with clean water, it can remove dirt and keep clean.

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HQ Grass 

Pile Height:

20-50 mm

Yarn Type:



As your request


120~210 s/m


3/8'' 3/4'' 5/8'' 3/16''


As your requests tufts/m2

Total Weight:

/ g/m2




PP Cloth+Net


SBR Latex

Roll Width:

2m/4m or Customized

Roll Length:

20m/25m or Customized


Residential, Commercial, Playground, Decorative

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