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Pets Fake Lawn

Pets Fake Lawn

When the weather turns cold, artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, always keep the original color and condition, so, in addition to the usual door, there is no strict regulations can not be used in winter, the artificial grass on the ground paving, drainage ditch fixed on it.



In the garden greening, When some locations are special or specific, other layout methods are not suitable. Using garden landscaping and grass arrangement can do temporary solutions. This is the other application of garden landscaping grass in landscape design.

Cover the ground

We were in the garden design and construction process, often encounter such a situation, some position with Joe, shrubs, flowers and other plants are not suitable for layout, such as small area location, forest, wall, road location, landscape landscape grass cover is a good choice. In addition, a bare ground position is not allowed in the square street, etc., in the green trees and lawn laying basically is preferred, even is the only method in these cases, the main functions of the lawn is covered the ground, does not appear adverse landscape loess open.

Berm, revetment

In landscape design, water design, will form the dam, embankment, so in addition to the use of stone and other hard materials to maintain, can also be used to deal with the lawn, so not only can play the same role in maintenance, and low cost, saving resources, and achieve environmental protection, beautiful and natural effect. In addition to the slope of the highway and mountain, the maintenance of the lawn is also a good way to prevent the soil loss and water conservation.

Rest, activity and sports ground

In the park, parks and scenic areas, in addition to some rest facilities, often open up some rest and activity sites, these sites are obviously with a hard pavement is not appropriate, but with some open, natural lawn formed by site visitors, such not only can satisfy the people close to the natural and psychological requirements and by bringing it to the ecological and environmental aspects of the role, more conducive to people's physical and mental health.

In addition, lawn is used to arrange specific sports venues, including football fields, golf courses, tennis courts, sports grounds, lawns and other lawn sports such as slippery pasture. According to the current global sports upsurge and development trend, the sports on these lawns will continue to develop, which also expands the scope of the application of the lawn.

Airport lawn

The airfield is presented here solely because of its particularity. The afforestation of airport should avoid using Joe or shrub as much as possible, because Joe and shrub are natural habitat of birds. Airports are the most taboo birds. There are many instances of accidents due to the sudden appearance of birds. Therefore, the environmental greening of the airport is mainly laid out with lawns, and at the same time, it also plays a good role in reducing land surface temperature, settling dust, maintaining good color contrast with the parking apron and runway.

technical sheet of artifcial grass.jpg


HQ Grass 

Pile Height:

20-50 mm

Yarn Type:



As your request


120~210 s/m


3/8'' 3/4'' 5/8'' 3/16''


As your requests tufts/m2

Total Weight:

/ g/m2




PP Cloth+Net


SBR Latex

Roll Width:

2m/4m or Customized

Roll Length:

20m/25m or Customized


Residential, Commercial, Playground, Decorative

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