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Synthetic Turf Plastic Grass

Synthetic Turf Plastic Grass

When the weather turns cold, artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, always keep the original color and condition, so, in addition to the usual door, there is no strict regulations can not be used in winter, the artificial grass on the ground paving, drainage ditch fixed on it.


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Daily use of artificial turf, artificial turf 2-3 based first week maintenance period, and it is a new car, there will be a few weeks in the maintenance period, the foundation of the removal of debris, if there is a rough place, should be timely repair and leveling. In the construction site must be confirmed to ensure clean, clean environment and construction quality. Therefore, before the construction preparation must be done well.

When the weather turns cold, artificial turf will not be affected by any weather, always keep the original color and condition, so, in addition to the usual door, there is no strict regulations can not be used in winter, the artificial grass on the ground paving, drainage ditch fixed on it.

Drainage method of artificial turf is very simple, as long as the cement based natural drainage slope, around the site also has a drainage ditch, you do not need to do special drainage treatment. When the rain is larger, can flow from the surface of the lawn walk. Wait for the rain to stop after the savings on the lawn in the rain, will be through the drainage hole back most of the water is discharged from the bottom. Of course, as a kind of plush carpet products, short-term wet is still there, but because the lawn is plastic products, does not absorb water, as long as the wind is the sun, will soon dry up.

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HQ Grass 

Pile Height:

20-50 mm

Yarn Type:



As your request


120~210 s/m


3/8'' 3/4'' 5/8'' 3/16''


As your requests tufts/m2

Total Weight:

/ g/m2




PP Cloth+Net


SBR Latex

Roll Width:

2m/4m or Customized

Roll Length:

20m/25m or Customized


Residential, Commercial, Playground, Decorative

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Q:What is advantage of good quality artificial grass?

Top quality artificial grass makes you feel soft and comfortable; the feeling is close to nature grass when you touch it. Top quality artificial grass is suitable for any movement, reduce risk of movement for athlete, and speed for rebound ball is equal to nature grass. Top quality artificial has excellent drainage system, grass drains quickly after heavy rain, it also reduces risk perfectly.

Q:What is the plastic grass mats?

As far as know, plastic grass mats are a plastic woven straw mat, composed of warp and weft knitting, warp and weft are plastic film, plastic blown film can use double color plastic film, straw mat bottom can also glue layer of the other fabrics. This product has good flexibility, foldable, easy to store; Mat can be washed, insolation, durable.

Q:Artificial grass front lawn is what?

It does not need to consume the necessary fertilizer, water and other resources needed to consume the natural lawn, can meet the needs of 24 hours of high intensity of the day, and maintenance is simple, rapid drainage, the site is excellent.

Q:What is the cheap fake grass?

As far as I am concerned, we should treat cheap fake grass properly. Artificial grass filled with quartz sand inprotect the grass, grass is more durable. Simple maintenance, low maintenance cost, rinse immediately with water to remove dirt, and never fade, no deformation characteristics. High utilization rate, damping model, no noise, safe and non-toxic, full of elasticity, flame retardant performance is good wait for a characteristic, very suitable for school, is currently the best activities, training, competition venues.

Q:Does anybody have any recommendation for popular artificial grass for home backyards?

Outdoor synthetic grass can be a good choice.

Q:What is the difference between the carpet synthetic and carpet?

The main performance of different.Artificial turf used in outdoor, so waste their prevention, anti-aging, waterproof demand is high, carpet and used in indoor, the peculiar smell, combustion, carpet back requiring peel strength, etc. The style is different .Artificial lawn relative to spread carpet completely stitch a wider, more rapid, carpet surface is given priority to with velvet, more simple, carpet and have cut pile, terry, terry, cut style, more beautiful form rich and colorful, carpet surface is exquisite, the quality requirement is much higher than artificial lawn.

Q:What is the synthetic grass rug?

The synthetic grass rug can be widely used in river, roads, railways, barren hills, mine slope, ecological restoration; can be used for sand land, saline alkali land of windbreak and sand fixation, control of saline alkali soil, ecological vegetation restoration; can be used in urban landscaping, wetland vegetation recovery area, under any circumstances, rapid implementation of construction and landscape effect.

Q:In recent years, outdoor artificial grass carpet in people's life in general, you know how much of the outdoor artificial grass carpet?

Outdoor artificial grass carpet is comfortable and durable, anti UV,Anti-corrosion, mildew, environmental protection, safety, easy maintenance and other advantagesOutdoor artificial grass carpet is mainly used forlandscape decoration, such as Roof garden, balcony, sun room, balcony, courtSchool, playground, car show, exhibition, showcase, kindergarten, tourswimming pool, yacht, parks and other places. Some outdoor artificial grasscarpet are available, the seasons of the year are very lively.

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When the application of force is too high, the growth conditions of extreme adverse conditions, natural grass is not easy to grow but not the turf, artificial turf is a good choice.

The main advantage of artificial lawn compared to natural lawn is that it breaks through the natural lawn to the climate limit;

The cost of maintenance is relatively low, in some countries and regions to think about economic reasons can choose artificial turf;

Natural lawns in some indoor sites can not be planted to choose artificial turf.

In addition, the use of artificial turf in high strength, construction method, maintenance, application effect, has advantages of better than natural lawn,

Therefore, the artificial lawn in the future with the progress of technology will be more and more space.

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