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Artificial Turf Characteristics
Aug 18, 2017

Artificial turf characteristics

First, artificial turf introductionArtificial turf using bionics principle, so that the athlete's foot feeling, the ball's rebound speed and the natural lawn is very similar. Products with wide temperature, in the alpine, high temperature and other extreme weather areas. All-weather site, completely free from rain and snow weather, with good water permeability, especially for a long training time, the use of high frequency stadium and primary and secondary sports ground. Artificial turf height from 9mm-60mm range, to meet the needs of different sports.CN51(3).jpg

Second, artificial turf classification
Artificial turf is divided into three types of non-filling lawn, filled with artificial turf, natural - artificial mixed lawn, the following specific to introduce these three kinds of artificial turf.

1, natural - artificial mixed lawn
The combination of natural lawn and artificial turf is no longer a dream, and now has such a mixed grass. The grass of this lawn is natural, and the root structure of the grass is reinforced with plastic, for example, let the grass grow on the net bottom of the plastic. In this way, the natural lawn is well integrated with the user-friendly features and the superior durability of the artificial turf
 2, filled with granulated artificial turf, filled with granite lawn
This lawn because of the international advanced level of good sports performance and good practicality in China by the majority of users accepted. Most of its material is made of polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) more than two kinds of polymer materials, the lawn of the fiber than the sand is not long, the surface backfill 2-3 mm quartz sand and rubber particles.
3, do not fill the artificial turf, but not sand artificial turf
This lawn can also be divided into two kinds of water and impermeable. This lawn is shaped like a natural lawn, partly with a layer of shock-absorbing foam cushion, and the shock-absorbing layer has a variety of different densities and thicknesses. This type of artificial turf must be used in the installation process of artificial grass special machinery, especially in some professional or costly sports venues in the laying of the installation is particularly important, otherwise it will not be able to achieve the site formation and uniformity requirements.

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