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Beautiful Garden With Artificial Grass
Dec 07, 2018

Cost of artificial grass

After moving to a new home, new owners are faced with a dilemma: will they choose natural grass or artificial

 grass in their garden? After comprehensive consideration, maintenance costs are the determining factor. With 

natural grass, the cost of maintenance after four years is already higher than the cost of installing artificial grass at

 one time. Therefore, in the long run, natural turf will be much more expensive than artificial grass.

Another reason to choose artificial grass is that it requires almost no maintenance. With artificial grass, the family

 can enjoy the beauty of the garden all year round without wasting precious time to spray and mow the lawn.

Installing artificial grass

The owner chose 36mm of this stylish artificial turf fiber, which is perfect for families with children.

The biggestchallenge in installing artificial turf in the garden is the uneven surface. However, based on the soft nature of HQ Grass, the installation did not encounter major obstacles.

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