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Cleaning Method Of Artificial Turf Dirt
Apr 12, 2017

A lot of dirt on artificial turf, cleaning methods, but to clean up in time, the common foreign bodies are: leaves, nuts, chewing gum, mud stains, blood stains, etc., excluding the following methods:

1. Leaves, organizes manpower cleaning;

2. Mud stains, the use of neutral detergent about 30~40g mixed in 1L warm water, then wash with cloth, wipe clean;

3. Soot, wash with water;

4. Blood, use 1L water to add half a cup of salt, wash the blood stains, and then use Winqing wash clean;

5. Ink, can be used 30~40g neutral Qing hao agent, mixing in 1L warm water, shake evenly after using Bu Qing wipe spot;

6. Ink, can be diluted cleaning liquid, the 30~40g neutral detergent mixture in 1L warm water, stir evenly, cleaning ink parts;

7. Grease, fragrant mouth gum, can be used perchioroethylene cloth, wipe with the grease or fragrant mouth gum, the chewing gum can be eliminated by cooling freezing method;

8. Chocolate candy, can use light oil fine wash stains after the 30~40g neutral detergent mixture in 1L warm water, and then clean the place of chocolate.

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