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Construction Technology Of Artificial Lawn In Kindergarten
Oct 27, 2017

According to the basic requirements of the use of the site, the foundation for asphalt concrete foundation, foundation, concrete tile tile floor or 10% cement powder base layer through the maintenance to meet the requirements, then the laying of artificial turf, as the main construction technology:

1, check the entire lawn site needs to be laid, whether its foundation density and smoothness meet the requirements, cleaning site hygiene.

2, paving artificial lawn, in order to make the lawn fold natural expansion, it is recommended to put artificial lawn in the sun, the best half day, at this time should pay attention to the direction of the lawn lodging.

3, start laying artificial lawn: in the lawn joint surface paving special splicing belt, and glue on it, the joint area need to transfer overlap more than 10 centimeters.

4. Glue the glue on the bonding interface. Before the glue is dried, cut the lawn to tile and join, so that each artificial lawn is tightly bonded.

5, with a knife to cut the lawn of the black edge, mowing the lawn seam. 6, the corner of detail processing, strive to achieve excellence.

7, bonding joints, and with rubber hammer beat pressure, make it more closely combined.

8, after the completion of the laying, it is necessary to carefully check the adhesion of the bonding area is smooth, the adhesion of artificial grass is firm, after inspection all meet the requirements, you can clean the health exit.


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