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Artificial turf quality discrimination
Feb 06, 2018

The quality area of artificial turf is divided into:

Artificial turf is divided into two categories:

一:Landscape artificial turf

二:Sports artificial turf

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  1. Whether the appearance color is natural, the softness of the grass silk is good, how the appearance feels.

2. Specification of the length of grass silk, soccer venues in principle the longer the better (leisure venues outside), the current longest grass silk is 60mm, mainly used for professional soccer pitch, the most common use for soccer pitch of the length of the grass silk about 30-50mm around.

3. The density of grass silk is evaluated from two angles: first, the number of straw needles on the back of the lawn, the more needles per meter, the better; second, the distance from the backside of the lawn, the line spacing between grass filaments, the more dense the better.

4. The finished product of grass filament lawn is made of fiber silk, the main ingredient of filament is polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene, the former two softer than the latter, the price is higher, but, if too soft, grass silk difficult to erect (here refers to sports grass), the rebound ability of the ball low, fiber silk evaluation indicators have two: grass fiber and fiber diameter.


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