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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Artificial Grass
Aug 22, 2017

With the development of teconology,more and more artificial grass in our market. It is important to distanguish the quality of artificial grass.

Today Fengfanda artificial grass will teach something about this.

Appearance: Fengfanda Artficial grass smooth and elastic, artificial turf silk color uniform and soft, open network symmetry, tear when the split evenly, artificial turf on the back of solid, flexible, uniform glossy gloss.


Stability: Fengfanda Artficial grass silk fiber whether all the use of new high-purity PP, PE as raw materials, all raw materials were all modified into a fiber to ensure that the fiber physical and chemical stability, straw Dani number 8,800-11,000DTEX , In the synthetic fiber process by adding appropriate anti-UV., Anti-oxidation, anti-static, lodging and other additives, so that fiber to ensure six years of service life, and in the use of life is not easy aging, wear, fade and so on


Special technology: whether the end of the product using a composite elastic structure (about 1.5-2MM thick), after finishing the glue (Fengfanda Artficial grass glue on the use of high-temperature vulcanization process formula) so that the bottom is more solid and flexible.


Resistance to organic properties: Put the Fengfanda Artficial grass in 90 gasoline soak for 4 hours, the grass silk color no significant change, no glue aging phenomenon.


Acid resistance: Put the Fengfanda Artficial grass in 30% sulfuric acid soak for 48 hours, the grass silk color no significant change, no glue aging phenomenon.

Hope these knowledge can help you choose good quality artificial grass.

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