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How To Know If Artificial Grass Is Good
Oct 20, 2017

Identification of artificial turf

The grass - silk processing of different color number will produce color difference on a field.

1.Ensure that each batch yarn thickness, is a job of higher technology content, application technology can not meet the requirements of the wiredrawing equipment production yarn material often appear off color problem.

2. The appearance of obvious fading after sunlight exposure, and the stability and color fastness of the unevenly exposed uv radiation is an important index for evaluating artificial turf.

3. A lot of fake grass appears to take off the wire or rupture of bottom lining strength and abrasion resistance is not enough, after a period of corrosion, aging and wear small displacement, bottom lining durability is the key issue in artificial turf quality.

4. The problem of field defilation may be caused by the uneven adhesion of the bottom back, the immature rubber scraping process or the low wear resistance of the grass. Especially for teen exercisers, defilers often affect health.

5. The grass is not bright enough, the friction is very strong, there is a sense of delay.

Anti-static performance and brightness are also the key points of artificial turf products. It relates to the product's coefficient of abrasion and ultimate motion. The evaluation of artificial turf is the same as other products. It mainly depends on the selection of raw materials such as grass silk and bottom lining and the maturity and stability of the post-treatment technology such as rubber scraping.

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