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Knowledge of artificial grass install
Sep 28, 2017

Viscose specific construction process

    (1) glue required to brush with a brush on its surface thickness uniformity, can not be repeated coating, otherwise there will be bubbling phenomenon or even fall. The bottom cloth is coated with glue to strictly control the thickness of the glue. Note that the coating speed should be appropriate. • The coating should be applied to the bonded adhesive surfaces.

    (2) Adhesion According to the current temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions of the real impact of the impact of reasonable control of drying time. one

Like to glue within 10-30 minutes after the mortar reached eighty-nine into dry to touch non-stick is appropriate. Bonding requires a one-time alignment. Do not move the bonded object back and forth after bonding.

    (3) Pressing, after cleaning, remove the surface debris, and use a special rubber hammer from the adhesive to the two sides of the force hammer, so that the surface of the full contact with the dense, bonding more firmly.

    (4) curing, the curing time is generally three days, the final strength of detection is generally ten days. Therefore, it is required to be dense during curing

Carefully observe the maintenance of them to avoid excessive exposure, flooding and movement, in order to achieve the best state of bonding.

    (5) After the adhesive is not covered with quartz sand and rubber particles before the site of the turf cut debris for cleaning treatment.

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