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Precautions On Artificial Grass
Jun 01, 2017

1, Prohibit wearing 5mm long or more than 5mm spikes on the lawn strenuous exercise (including high heels).

2, Prohibit any motor vehicle on the lawn.

3, The prohibition of long-term pressure on the lawn.

4, Forbidden shot, javelin, discus or other high-drop sports on the lawn.

5, Strictly prohibited all kinds of pollution pollution lawn.

6, The case of snow days to prohibit the moment stampede, the need to sweep the surface after the snow and then use.

7, Strictly prohibited on the lawn to throw chewing gum and all debris.

8, Strictly prohibited all fireworks.

9, Prohibit the use of corrosive solvents above the lawn.

10,Strictly prohibited to carry sugary drinks admission.

11,Strictly prohibited destructive tear lawn fiber.

12,Strictly prohibited damage to the grass base

13,Sports lawn to keep the filling of the quartz sand flat, to ensure that the ball's trajectory or bounce trajectory.

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