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Ten Problem Of Artificial Grass Feild
Jul 06, 2017

One, grass fiber fade, discoloration?

    1, the quality of grass fiber failure, such as anti-ultraviolet (UV) agent, anti-aging (amine) agent added too little;

    2, grass fiber formula unscientific, some poor quality of the more additives;

    3, artificial grass fiber production equipment behind, poor technology, physical performance is not stable;

    4, environmental impact, such as some areas of strong ultraviolet radiation, acid rain corrosion, industrial pollution and so on.

Second, grass fiber pilling, pilling and powdering?

    1, because the school use a higher frequency, poor quality of the fiber in the 1-2 years, the better quality in 4-5 years will have different degrees of grass fiber cracked into 50-60 small wire phenomenon;

    2, PP fiber itself is relatively hard, crisp, easy to fluff, from the ball.

Three, grass fiber off, hair loss?

    1, the production process is poor, artificial grass at the end of cloth, poor quality of glue, resulting in the whole of the grass tied to the poor;

    2, grass fiber using low-end grass (such as PP material), the use of grass from the break;

    3, the use of accessories failed (quartz sand particles too large, not round), causing damage to the grass.

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