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The Advantages Of Fengfanda Artificial Grass
Aug 10, 2017

The Advantages of Fengfanda Artificial Grass 

 1. All-weather - Fengfanda Artificial Grass completely free from the weather, the geographical impact in the alpine, high temperature, plateau and other extreme weather areas and long service life, warranty for 8 years.

  2. Simulation - Fengfanda Artificial Grass using bionic principles, with good simulation, so that the movement of athletes in a more secure and comfortable. Foot feeling, the ball rebound speed and so on are similar to the natural lawn more professional.

  3. Laying and maintenance - Fengfanda Artificial Grass laying on the foundation of low requirements can be in the asphalt, cement construction and short cycle. Particularly suitable for training a long time, the use of high density of primary and secondary school venues construction. Artificial turf maintenance easy to seepage good performance is also particularly wearable.

  4. Multi-purpose - Fengfanda Artificial Grass color and diverse, durable and does not fade, with the surrounding environment and buildings supporting. It is the best choice for sports venues, leisure courtyards, roof gardens and other places.

  5. Excellent physical and chemical properties - Fengfanda Artificial Grass after hundreds of thousands of times the wear test, the fiber weight loss of only 2% -3%. In addition, pull, water permeability, flexibility are high, 20 minutes after the rain can be drained clean.

  5. Good safety - the use of medical and kinematics and other principles, so that when the movement of athletes on the lawn ligament, muscle, joints and other protection  fall when the impact force and friction greatly reduced.

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