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The Important Of Base In Artificial Grass
Sep 08, 2017

The site base plays an important role in the artificial turf site. The foundation of the foundation of the flatness, stability and drainage will affect the use of artificial turf site effect.

  The artificial turf has no standard requirements for the infrastructure. Currently used in the artificial lawn sports venues are based on asphalt concrete type, waterproof concrete type, gravel foundation and Panax land foundation. What kind of foundation type and drainage system is chosen is to consider the functional requirements and economic conditions of the site.

The requirements of the international soccer organization for the venue are stable and stable. It is recommended to use the asphalt base to select the pipeline drainage. The cold weather is expected to increase the geothermal system. In the ordinary stadium or school playground in fact more than the turtle-type structure of the external drainage structure to consider the basis of the service life and the convergence of the foundation with the plastic site construction convenience at present the domestic sports venues asphalt concrete base is more common.

The site design should be based on the location of the sports site of the geological report, the location of the annual precipitation and maximum precipitation, where the location of the field.

The basis of artificial turf sports ground is the carrier of artificial turf, and its quality will directly affect the performance of the whole artificial turf football field.

Artificial turf soccer field The basis of foundation is stable, and does not collapse. According to its different structure can be divided into a variety of surface layer, asphalt concrete surface layer, reinforced concrete surface layer, two gray stone surface and melon stone surface layer.

   Asphalt surface in the country is more popular, it is waterproof, can not make water directly penetrate, can only rely on the slope of the slope of the slope. In the larger rain, the site will be pooled into a small stream of water, the turf on the quartz sand, rubber particles caused by the loss of the edge of the site will be too much water in a short time is not easy to discharge water. Reinforced concrete surface layer also has the same problem.

The gray stone surface itself can be adjusted to a small gray, melon stone itself is no gray number, so the two surface layer of water permeability is better. The size of the stone is the same as that of the asphalt surface. The rainwater can penetrate directly into the underlying crushed stone layer and the dry soil layer, which can reduce the loss of the quartz rubber particles on the lawn and alleviate the waterlog. But the two layers can not be used in cold areas in winter. Because the infiltration of the surface layer of water if not discharged in time, will be in the winter icing ice expansion, resulting in the surface of the phenomenon of uneven surface.

  The lime and gravel layers have a good water permeability, and the surface layer and the same as the asphalt in the price is relatively cheap. It is therefore recommended to use a lime-flyash surface and a melon-gravel surface as the foundation of the artificial turf soccer field, but it is better to use asphalt or cement in areas where it is cold in winter.

  The use of asphalt or cement surface of the site can refer to the construction requirements of the pavement, but in the construction should pay attention to maintain the overall shape, so that the middle of the middle of the high four-day slope to be evenly maintained at 0.3% to 0.5% ditch. The site foundation of the two-limestone surface layer and the melon stone face layer requires a reserved drainage pipe.

  No matter what basis the quality of its quality directly affects the quality of the surface quality is good or bad. Therefore, in the foundation construction, the basic soil layer generally follow the "highway foundation construction technical specifications" ﹑ reinforced concrete layer generally follow the "highway cement pavement construction technical specifications" ashi asphalt concrete layer generally follow the "highway asphalt pavement construction technical specifications

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