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This Is Right Way To Operation Artificial Grass
Jul 02, 2018

With the development of the market, the artificial grass has undergone great changes in material, technology and construction. The purpose of these changes is to make the artificial grass closer to the natural grass in sports performance, which may be divided into the following stages:

The first stage is mainly nylon material, similar to carpet and poor elasticity. It is unprotected and vulnerable to athletes.

The second stage: Based on PP material,And filled with quartz sand particles, the hardness is large.

The third stage is mainly PE material, filling quartz sand, filling rubber particles at the same time, having the elasticity of natural grass, and greatly improving the movement performance.

The fourth stage: take FIFA certification as the standard, pay attention to the construction of the system engineering, such as foundation and construction. In addition to the mesh products, there are also direct mixing and other products. The materials are mixed with PE and PP, PE and nylon are mixed, and the motion performance is further strengthened.

The fifth stage is mainly monofilament, in addition to pursuing sports performance, it also pursues a more desirable appearance and pays more attention to the construction of the system.

The sixth stage is mainly composed of curly grass, a man-made grass specially developed for doors and golf courses.

The fourth stage and the fifth stage of the temporary market are ripe for technology development.

Merit editing with good elasticity and gentle impulse; Breathable and permeable, greatly reducing maintenance costs, especially in line with the city's water-saving requirements;

According to environmental protection requirements, artificial turf can be recycled and reused.

It can reduce noise, shock absorption and decompression.

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