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Walk To Artificial Grass
Sep 18, 2017

Kind of Material:PA,PP.PE.

PP(Polyethylene), PE (polyethylene), PA although the wear resistance is good, but the material is too hard, easy to burn the skin of athletes, mainly used in the landscape grass field;

PP wear resistance is poor, the site life is short, narrow range of applications;

PE soft and wear resistance is better, is now the first choice for sports contact sites.

Morphology of silk: mesh filament, monofilament

Monofilament in recent years began to pop, its appearance closer to the natural grass, beautiful appearance, wear a slight advantage, the price is usually higher than the wire.

The height of the lawn

In Europe and the United States market football turf height is usually 60mm, the domestic habit of the general height of 40-55mm, the same height lawn height higher, the higher the cost of filling materials and labor costs will increase, generally about 50mm Can be used to meet.

The weight of the grass silk

6600DTEX, 8800DTEX, 9700DTEX, 12000DTEX, 15000DTEX, etc., that is, the weight per million meters of grass silk. Usually, the football field uses more than 8800DTEX.

The density of the lawn

50mm grass height is usually 10,500 pin / square meter, but the lawn density and the weight and height of the correlation, the higher the height or higher pound, set the density can be appropriately reduced. In short, the basic guarantee per square meter of grass silk weight of about 1 kg.

Base fabric of the gum way

 Usually latex way for the styrene-butadiene latex, more high-end adhesive way for the PU gum, the difference is that PU Beijiao grass wire pulling performance is much higher than SBR latex, the appearance of light, waterproof performance, due to PU back Glue a molding, less additives, so more environmentally friendly. But the high cost of PU adhesive, usually the finished product price will be higher than SBR latex finished 20% -30%.

Base cloth type

 Usually divided into composite base fabric and composite grid three-tier fabric, three-layer base fabric tensile strength is relatively higher.

Walking style

Usually divided into words, and Z-shaped needle. Two ways to meet the requirements of the use of the requirements, but the Z-word way to make the distribution of grass silk more uniform, and grass silk adhesive adhesion will be higher.

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