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What Are The Classifications Of Artificial Turf?
Apr 12, 2017

The artificial grasses used in the lawn are basically divided into three categories such as hairy, medium and short hairs, which are subdivided into three small categories of wool, Qu Mao and curl.

The long Mao Cao is the grass wool length in 32 to 50 mm above, it is generally used in soccer matches, training and horse racing venues, the density of grass wool from 150 needle to 180 needle are adopted;

The middle fur is grass wool length from 19 to 32 mm, it serves as the tennis court, the hockey and the lawn ball The international competition venue is the surface the use, for the general training uses, the soccer field, the volleyball court, the basketball court, the tennis court and so on the venue also can be used as the track track, its grass wool density by the 180 needle to the 220 needle

The grass hairs of short fur are from 6 to 12 mm in length, suitable for the basketball court, tennis court swimming pool around or beautifying the environment.

And the grass wool type of the three small categories of straight wool is the most widely used and most people le, the lowest price, in tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer runners, and other athletes to fall the chance of abrasion less than the most suitable sports environment.

The second kind of Qu Maocao because the grass wool is bent shape, folding each other, the athlete on the grass fur is relatively small, so much use in the soccer stadium.

The third kind of curl of grass wool is a circle type, folding more tightly each other, especially for the lawn roller ball or the ball on the turf will not be laid by the grass wool due to the direction of the formation, affecting the movement of the ball and other demanding higher movements.

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